Trump Force One Boeing 757-200 Private Jet

Trump Force One Boeing 757-200

Trump Force One while taxiing runway at Orlando International Airport. This is personal jet of President-elect of United States of America, Donald Trump. The aircraft were used during its campaign for the US Presidential election. So that is why the jet nicknamed "Trump Force One".

The Trump Force One worth to USD 100 million including customized stuff inside. Might you already know that Donald Trump bought the jet as used aircraft. The Boeing 757-200 built in 1991 for Paul Allen, one of the microsoft founder. Anyway, from possible 293 seating configuration, he decided to make only 43 passengers only on board. So every passengers can have nice and huge legroom like a business class.

There are also many luxuriousness inside, most of metal things are plated with 24 gold karat. Even the avionics has been modernized. For instances, the pilot cockpit room have already changed into latest glass cockpit. Everything displayed in high resolution display instead of analog counter information.

Boeing 757-200 of Donald Trump

Soon he will enjoy the real US Air Force One as he will take the Oval Office in January 2017. Until now there is no information whether he will keep the private jet or selling instead. Because maintain giant private jet is not cheap at all. Flying this thing at least you should spend equal to USD 10,000 for one hour flight. Excluding pilots, aircraft maintenance and hangar.
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