Sukhoi Su-27 Russian Air Force Cruise Flight

Sukhoi Su-27 of Russian Air Force

Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker while cruising along the sky alone. The Flanker is a heavy, super maneuverability and air superiority jet fighter. Manufactured and designed by Sukhoi Design Bureau. First flight was in 1977 and first public appearance in 1985.

This jet intended built to compete with F-15 and F-14 of United States Air Force. These jets are consider as fourth generation jet fighter. Since 1982 the production line has been produced up to 809 unit with wide range variants.

Meanwhile picture above variant is Sukhoi Su-27 SM3 variant. The SM3 is a modernized Su-27 with mid-life upgrade. There were some improvement on avionics and engines.

However, many successor of Russian jet fighter are using same platform with Su-27. Even Sukhoi shared the platform with Chinese jet fighter, Shenyang J-11. Seems Russia is not worry exporting the jet abroad, they believe influence and friendship among countries are important.

So that is why many countries are become heavy operator of the jet. Such as, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Indonesia even USA have imported two Su-27s. According to information, US private company bought the Su-27s via Belarus.

It is might that Su-27 become the jet fighter with longest military service life. It has been 40 years since the first flight. And many years expect to come. Please also check our article regarding Cobra maneuver of Su-27 here.
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