Su-27 Cobra Maneuver In Flight

Su-27 Cobra Maneuver

Su-27 Cobra Maneuver while flying in the sky. Picture shown an amazing super maneuverability of Russian jet fighter while they are flying. They called it as Cobra Maneuver. Because it is likely an Cobra Snake movement signature. Some people also saying it as Pugachev's Cobra Maneuver.

Pugachev was a Russian pilot who showing off the maneuver back in 1989 publicly. However the real pilot who did the maneuver was Igor Volk during Sukhoi Su-27 test flight.

Sukhoi Su-27 is a very important jet fighter especially in Russia's jet fighter industry. They built back in 1970 intended to compete with McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle of USA. At the time cold war was a huge issue amid two world's power. Becoming air superiority fighter was an objective for them. Over the paper, whole technical issue won by the Sukhoi Su-27, such as cruise speed, climbing rate and of course maneuverability. Sukhoi was also became a basic platform for many Sukhoi jet for decades.

On other hand, Cobra Maneuver is very useful during dog fighting between two jets. Typically, jet which fly at the back is freely to target, attack and destroyed jet which on its front. The Cobra Maneuver makes you easily turn your position and win the dog fighting during a chase. In simple way, Su-27 is able to significantly decreased its speed at very high angle of attack (AoA). Thanks to well designed aerodynamic and power plant. Here is a better sequence explanation about Cobra Maneuver of Sukhoi Su-27.

Sukhoi Pugachev Cobra Maneuver

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