United States Permits Qatar To Buy F-15 Jet Fighter

United States Permits Qatar To Buy F-15 Jet Fighter

United States Permits Qatar To Buy F-15 Jet Fighter. The recent decision by the White House to allow the sale of F-15 jet fighter to Qatar helped seal the purchase of 100 Boeing announced Friday by Qatar Airways USD 18.6 billion, according trusted source. In other hand, Boeing executives and state-owned Qatar Airways denies links between military and commercial sales.

"The Qatar Airways has its independent policy of ordering the planes," CEO Akbar Al Baker said when asked if the two were connected sales.

"So nothing is connected to anything." The CEO denied. But the aircraft deal - which has been under negotiation for months - was finalized less than two weeks after the Obama administration approved the deal of 36 F-15 fighter jets Qatar on September 28, added the trusted source.

The agreement of jet fighter purchase have been a concerned between two sides for years. The deal worth to USD 4 billion and supporting package. Meanwhile, Israel as one of USA's closest allied has been announced its objections regarding this deal.

Last week, officials from the White House said informally members of Congress that the sale of the F-15 would get approval, but the State Department and the Pentagon have yet to formally announce the deal. Turns out, the deal will cover an optional to increase purchase up to 72 F-15s.

If this happen, Qatar will become largest operator for the multi-role jet fighter. The F-15 manufactured by McDonnell-Douglas (Boeing Co.) is one of the greatest aerial combat jet fighter. It is all-weather tactical jet fighter that first flew in 1972. At the time United States government demands air superiority jet fighter for air defense purpose.
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