F-9F Phanter Grumman of United States Navy

F-9F Phanter of US Navy

F-9F Phanter of United States Navy while sunbathing outside. The jet manufactured by Grumman, at the moment known as Northrop Grumman. After retired in early 1960s from US Navy and Blue Angels Team. At the time the jet was the first aerobatic jet in the team. The picture shown is a signature livery of Blue Angels flight demonstration team.

The Panther also known as one of the greatest jet fighter of US Navy. Because the jet is light weight and suitable for aircraft carrier-based placement. The F-9F able to takeoff in a very short range. Also amazing maneuverability while on the mission. Furthermore, the outside has timeless design. It is still looks astonishing these days.

The jet is a single-engine straight-wing configuration jet fighter. In the wing-end the cannons can be attached as well. Later on the F-9F became based platform for F-9 Cougar. After retired from US Navy, the jet had exported to Argentina. They became the only operator outside USA.
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