F-22 Vapor Cone While Transonic Cruising

f-22 vapor cone

F-22 Vapor Cone

F-22 Vapor Cone. The Lockheed Martin F-22 of United States Air Force. Seen while flying at transonic speed above Republic Airport, Farmingdale. Thanks to Russ for the special photo shoot and amazing timing. Picture shown the jet while generating some smoke around its fuselage. The vapor cone is a sort of cloud or smoke emerged during cruising. It is because of condensed water from an moving object at a high speed. Scientifically, as the localized air pressure drop so does the temperature. When temperature drop below dew point eventually a cloud form.

In supersonic jet fighter cases, three air components (pressure, density, temperature) will increase across the stern shock wave. Associated with a return subsonic flow behind the jet. This phenomena will also occur on space shuttle or an rocket. The vapor cone also known as shock collar or a shock egg. The phenomena even looks collar when it involves the mighty F-22 Raptor Jet.
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