F-22 Raptor of United States Air Force

F-22 Raptor of USAF

F-22 Raptor of Lockheed Martin of United States Air Force. The jet fighter while demo flight at RIAT Air Show. RIAT is The Royal International Air Tatoo. The air festival is a world's military air show. Annually held in Fairford Military Air Base, England. Usually held in third week of July. The show are about military aerobatics show as well as static display of military fleet.

Back to the picture, the picture is a fifth generation jet fighter manufactured by Lockheed Martin. It is exclusively operated only by United States Air Force. At the time built for national security reasons. USA's government wanted to have jet that has stealth and air superiority abilities.

There are 195 unit built including eight prototypes. The F-22 jet fighter program worth to USD 67 billion. Meanwhile the unit cost price at USD 150 million. Although it is not for sale abroad. Many allied countries want to acquire the jet for its military fleet. Different story to F-35 stealth jet fighter, the jet were exported to several closest allied countries.
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