Cathay A350 to Fly to New Zaeland For First Time

Cathay A350-900

Cathay A350 to Fly to New Zealand For First Time. Auckland Airport to welcome the first Airbus A350 series commercial flight on Friday afternoon. The aircraft operated by Cathay Pacific of Hong Kong. Which it is replacing the Airbus A340 series. The carrier has kept the route for the past 18 years.

Cathay deputy chief pilot says  hours of practice have been made to upgrade the skills of staff in preparation to fly the newest Airbus A350-900.

"We do five sessions of four hours in the flight simulator to get used to things that are not in the current aircraft, like the head-up display". Since the A350 XWB is a completely brand new aircraft. There are so much techie items inside.

"It's pretty basic. It is a great flight management system, but it's pretty basic." Says pilot when being asked what is the difference.

Cathay chief engineer of the aircraft says a key feature of the aircraft is the extra strong carbon fiber fuselage which means more air can be pumped into the cabin. "This helps reduce the feeling of fatigue for long-distance passenger and helps them adapt to jet lag much better."

So flying with the carbon-fiber aircraft is very recommend for those who felt exhausted as they fly. In the market there are Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350 Series which have more than 50 percent carbon fiber aircraft structurally. Picture shown an Airbus A350-900 while taking off runway. Photo credit goes to Daniel Meyer.
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