Boeing RC-135W Spotted Near Russian Warship

boeing rc-135w top view

Boeing RC-135W

Boeing RC-135W Spotted Near Russian Warship. According to source, two military reconnaissance aircraft of US Air Force spotted above Mediterranean Sea. Later on, Russian Navy also known are stationed there with the operational squadron.

The Boeing RC-135W of US Air Force took off from Souda Bay military airbase in the Island of Crete. After that the reconnaissance aircraft approaching Crimea area. While the second aircraft was Boeing P-8A Poseidon of US Navy. The Poseidon is a patrol aircraft with anti-submarine ability. This aircraft has a permanent base in Sicily at Sigonella military airbase.

boeing p-8a poseidon us navy

Boeing P-8A Poseidon of US Navy

On October 1st, the Poseidon flew above logistic support station of Russian Navy in Syrian Port. After 30 minutes they headed to south of Lebanon. Picture shown P-8A Poseidon while approaching landing. The intensity between United States reconnaissance flights near Russian borders significantly increased in the past few weeks. The day before, these two aircraft also spotted in the same airspace. Photo courtesy of Titan Miller and Joel Vogt.
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