Boeing 767-300ER Catches Fire at O'Hare Airport

Boeing 767-300ER Catches Fire

Boeing 767-300ER Catches Fire while takeoff attempt on runway. According to several reports, the engine on the right side of a Boeing 767-300ER of American Airlines failed Friday after an attempted takeoff at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, resulting in an emergency evacuation.

The report says debris was blown as far as half a mile and "passengers rushed by emergency slides on a runway." So far, it seems the unfolding investigation told the General Electric engine suffered an apparent "uncontained" failure.

All 161 passengers and nine crew members fled to safety following the fire. Fortunately, the plane stopped quite far before the end of the runway and the airport fire chief, Timothy Sampey said it could have been a complete disaster. "This could have been absolutely devastating if it happened later," he said.

The flight was Miami bound when the takeoff was aborted. One passenger told that while sitting in row 31, "he heard a loud metallic noise and then saw a big fireball that he assumed came from the engine area."

He called the situation "coordinated chaos" and adds the smoke resulted in difficulty in breathing. He then complimented the crew to get everyone out of the aircraft in a minute. What a good evacuation procedures.

So far the cause is labeled "engine failure", but the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate further.
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