Airbus A380 British Airways Banking In The Sky

Airbus A380 British Airways Banking

Airbus A380 British Airways banking just after takeoff. As we all could see, the super jumbo jet while banking in the sky. Finding stable position in order to step to higher altitude. Photo credit goes to Piotr Persona. Thank you for amazing photo shoot and such superb timing. The picture taken around London Heathrow Airport, England. Because the carrier is a national flag airline and largest in country. British Airways oftentimes seen at the airport.

For your info, currently the carrier operating nearly 300 aircraft. The airline also flying for more than 183 cities around the world. They owned about 12 Airbus A380-800, the super jumbo jet series. Its newest fleet is Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. They have received 14 out of 18 Boeing 787-9s.

Back to Airbus A380, whole British Airways' A380 fleet are with Rolls-Royce Trent Engine. While Airbus also offers customer with Engine Alliance engine type. Amid the negativity of Airbus A380's existence in the industry. British Airways still consider the aircraft as one of airline interested at. Many people still want to fly with the big guy, experiencing giant bird in the sky. In the past months, Singapore Airlines decided not to extend Airbus A380 operational on its fleet. The main reason is because the giant is not give enough profit margin. Flying with smaller widebody jetliner are much more profitable.
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