Worldwide Aircraft Sales in First Quarter of 2014

Worldwide all aircraft liveries in first quarter of 2014 increased almost 12 percent.

There were 447 units of aircraft in 2013 and 500 aircraft in Q1 of 2014, said General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). All of aircraft worth to USD 5.1 billion, 10 percent higher than same period last year.

Bombardier Learjet Inflight

Bombardier Learjet Inflight

Classifying aircraft in type of its engine, piston aircraft liveries, increased from 182 aircraft to 221 aircraft. This type of market usually for personal usage or non-commercial aircraft. While in turboprop class, apparently dropping to 125 liveries or 8 percent decreased.

In biggest market of all, jet aircraft gain good records with 154 liveries all of the world. In number, jet aircraft increased up to 20 percent than last year.

To be more specified, in first quarter of 2014 the small business jet market have slightly increased. Textron, holding company of Cessna and Beechcraft states that in 2013 the business jet market even lower than now. All market of small business jet with twin-engined aircraft was low last year. Learjet maker, Bombardier, also states encouraging prospect in this Q1 especially in the business jet industry.

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