Su-30M2 Russian Federation Air Force

su-30m2 russian federation air force

Su-30M2 of Russian Federation Air Force

Su-30M2 the Sukhoi jet while takeoff at Zhukovsky Ramenskoye Air Field. The Flanker-C or the Cyrilic. Special reporting name of NATO. The Sukhoi Su-30 is a multi role and all-weather jet fighter. This variant built based on Su-30MK2 variant. The modernized and upgraded version of original Su-30. In Russian Air Force, this fleet are replacing Sukhoi Su-27SM variant. A little bit complicated for a naming hierarchy in Sukhoi Jet family though. Photo credit goes to Alex. What an amazing photo shoot. Two Su-30M2s captured while set off runway. They are painted as signature blue and grey livery.
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