President Obama Switches to Air Force Two

4 November 2014. The Air Force One had minor mechanical problem while accompanying the President Barack Obama in Philadelphia.

The President was on pre-election rally at Temple University to support Tom Wolf as democratic candidate for governor. Barack Obama traveled by Air Force One from Washington D.C.
Boeing C-32, The Air Force Two

Boeing C-32, The Air Force Two

Eric Schultz, White House principal deputy of press said that they have transferred the backup aircraft for the president. He added that this backup progress will not affect the schedule of president.

The Air Force One aircraft is the Boeing VC-25, modified version of Boeing 747 Series and has double-decker seat configuration. Opposite with Air Force Two that has smaller capacity.

The backup aircraft was Boeing C-32, regularly served the vice president of United States. The aircraft is the modified version of Boeing 757-200, some people said that this is the military version of Boeing 757 Series.
The Air Force One of USA, Boeing VC-25

The Air Force One of USA, Boeing VC-25

The Air Force Two is occasionally used by United States Cabinet member or Congressional leader. The multi-purpose Air Force Two has been use by former President Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama several times.

The White House stated that, the President had safely landed in Washington on evening.
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