Pratt & Whitney To Lead in Electrical Aircraft Technology

Aviation technology keep improving day by day, achieving upper human kind level. Technology make aircraft greener and even more efficient.

Pratt & Whitney says that electric technology of aircraft continue to improve. They add that technology should have a huge steps before its can be applied into commercial even military matters.

Engine Alliance GP7000

Engine Alliance GP7000

Alan Epstein, Pratt & Whitney vice president of technology and environment states that Pratt & Whitney looked that technological matters must happen before electric flight goes common in aviation industry.

He said that the battery technology must improve by 100 times from today. No wonder since only for Boeing 737 Series, total energy needs reach around 10 Megawatt. Pratt & Whitney has also stated that superconductivity technology is wait to be invented for power plants technology.

They also state that if we can remove engine's magnetic shield of the engines it would significantly reduces of aircraft weight. However, without magnetic shield, engines would kill people who sit nearby the engines.

United Technologies parent company of Pratt & Whitney will be the leader of electric-aircraft design now and in the future. United Technologies is the vendor in the making of electrical equipment for advanced Boeing 787 Dreamliner and also powering super jumbo jet Airbus A380-800 with its product Engine Alliance GP7000.
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