Poland Finalized Purchase of Lockheed Martin AGM-158

6 November 2014. Poland upgrades its F-16 jet fighter with air-to-ground missiles from Lockheed Martin.

Poland's government has approved to purchase forty of Lockheed Martin AGM-158, joint air-to-ground Standoff Missiles. The purchase will be finalized by end of this year and expected can be applied to all fleet in 2017.
Lockheed Martin F-16 of Polish Air Force

Lockheed Martin F-16 of Polish Air Force

The first phase of upgrading will be done in United States while remain fleet will be conducted locally, fully supported by Lockheed Martin.

Spokeperson of Poland national defence said thta this new missiles need some software upgrade to at least M6.5 Standard, this progress will take one year to finish.

Deputy Minister of National Defence of Poland, Czeslaw Mroczek revealed the agreement of purchasing worth to USD 250 million. Poland also consider to purchase JASSM-ER, the long-range missiles variant.

Indonesia Acquire Airbus Helicopters AS565 Panther

In other world region, the fourth largest population country, Indonesia to buy eleven of Airbus Helicopters AS565 Panther.

The helicopters will be sent to Indonesia in "half-cut" condition to PT Dirgantara Indonesia, the national aerospace industry.

After that the green condition helicopters will be installed the mission systems and deliver to Indonesian Navy corps.
French Navy Airbus Helicopters AS565

French Navy Airbus Helicopters AS565 ASW Panther

The Airbus Helicopter AS565 Panther is a rotorcraft anti-submarine warfare mission. Indonesian variant will be equipped with active sonar array and torpedoes. The helicopters is the total solution in naval requirements in maritime country like Indonesia.

Airbus claimed that the AS565 Panther is the world's most capable anti-submarine warfare (ASW) in medium-sized rotorcraft. Indonesia considers to add the order up to sixteen AS565 Panther in the future.
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