Mitsubishi Regional Jet Airworthiness Certification

The program code MSN 90001 of Mitsubishi Aircraft has reach new phase underway.

Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) now is taking static strength test in order fulfilling requirements for certification. The MRJ has moved from head-quarter Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Komaki South Plant to strength test facility near Nagoya Airport.
Mitsubishi Regional Jet While Towing in Static Test Facility

Mitsubishi Regional Jet While Towing in Static Test Facility at Nagoya Airport

All of air frame and basic structure are nearly complete, which is enough to do static strength test. But in details, horizontal stabilizer is still missing. Spokesman of Mitsubishi states that the horizontal stabilizer will be added later.

The static strength test is planned to do in middle of 2014. This aircraft is only one from all seven prototypes prepared by Mitsubishi. The rest of aircraft is prepared for other test certification, whereas this prototype aims to pass through airworthiness certifications under Japanese Aviation Bureau.
Mitsubishi Regional Jet

Mitsubishi Regional Jet with Almost Aircraft Structured

Mitsubishi Regional Jet is expected to do the first flight next year in second-quarter after several delays from the real schedule. Later on, Pratt & Whitney PW1200G engines will be assembled as well. The engines will have turbofan engines with geared mechanism, in next couple weeks, engines will be installed.

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