Lufthansa Technik Invests More in Development and Focus on OEM Products

The biggest Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) provider, Lufthansa Technik has spent over US$ 67 million in past five years.

The investment in research and developing services are the main reason that Lufthansa Technik doubling its money on these area. Walter Heerdt, Marketing and Sales Vice President states that the development of product and service innovations are the keys to gain more markets and winning new customers.

Lufthansa Technik

Currently, Lufthansa Technik focuses on development of new cabin interior for customers. New technology helps the MRO to reduce costs in order increasing aircraft reliability and maintenance services.

Lufthansa Technik looks for wider opportunity on original equipment manufacturing market and boosting research and development area. Lufthansa Technik initiating new department that handling corporate innovation management and product development.

Spokesman said that aircraft cabin interior give significant effect to customer, product development and distinguishing product with competitor as well. In other words, Lufthansa Technik will more focus on cabin interior installations and follow the market trend and demand.

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