Honda Aircraft Announces HondaJet With GE Honda HF120 Engines

Honda Aircraft announces its first production of HondaJet. HondaJet made his debut on AirVenture air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in July 2005.

The development of brand new aircraft jet from the Japanese took very long path to finish. Static testing of conforming airframe has been done in May 2010. All of integrating systems such as electrical, hydraulic and environment control systems has been installed as well.

HondaJet HA420

HondaJet HA420

Apparently, Honda went to quite radical wing design configuration. They called it over-the-wing podded engine design. Honda claims this design would optimize drag value as minimum as possible. Fuselage are made from composite materials which promise lightweight performance as well as air frame reinforced made from single sheet of aluminum. The engines will be provided with General Electric with GE Honda HF120 code.

HondaJet will be assembled at Piedmont Triad International Airport, North Carolina, United States. Honda expected certification would begin in late of 2012, but delayed. Honda states that the certification will start in this summer, covered ground testing and maiden flight.

Honda also expected that 70 - 100 of HondaJet can be sold to the customer per year with around US$ 4 million at list price. Michima Fujino, CEO of Honda Aircraft said the first delivering to customer will be on first quarter of 2015. Beside signature white and blue HondaJet also will be available in green and gold paint scheme for color options.

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