F-15 Eagle JASDF Japan Air Self-Defense Force

f-15 eagle jasdf

F-15 Eagle JASDF

F-15 Eagle JASDF (Japan Air Self-Defense Force). This is a multi-role jet fighter installed with twin-engine. The all weather air superiority jet fighter built based on F-15 platform. However, Mitsubishi is a local partner for manufacturing in Japan. McDonnell Douglas is a original manufacturer. Currently McDonnell Douglas owned by Boeing. Picture shown is the F-15DJ Eagle taken by Tomo Papa. Japan is also known as largest operator outside United States. The F-15DJ is a two-seat variant, while the -J is a single seater variant. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries built those jet fighter between 1981-1987 under licensed from USA. In recent years, there were modernized variant of F-15, the F-15 Kai. Kai stands for modified in Japan.
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