Emirates A380 Sunset Scene and Climbing Sky

emirates a380 sunset scene

Emirates A380 Sunset Scene

Emirates A380 Sunset Scene. The super jumbo jet Airbus A380-800 seen at Hong Kong International Airport. Picture shown beautiful sunset scene behind. While the jet climbing up the sky after takeoff. Photo credit goes to Dor Lok, what an amazing photo shoot. Today, Hong Kong Airport is also known as Chek Lap Kok International Airport. Turns out, the Emirates A6-EOW used Engine Alliance GP7000 for the power plant. Airbus name it as Airbus A380-861 to differentiate with the Rolls Royce Engine. Furthermore, the GP7000 has same basic engine with Pratt & Whitney PW4000 and GE90 of General Electric. However, the price tag of the aircraft is so expensive. In 2016, Airbus tags nearly USD 450 million for one unit. This would become huge investment for any airlines or aircraft lessor. Currently, airlines tend to choose wide body jetliner which have good fuel performance. Such as Airbus A350 series or Boeing 787 Dreamliner series. That is why the Airbus A380-800 existence is threatened.

Anyway, the Emirates is known as the largest operator of Airbus A380. They have been flying 82 aircraft per September 2016. The carrier also still waiting for another 40 A380s in the waiting list order. Most of the A380 used Engine Alliance engine options. While the rest are with Rolls Royce engine.
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