Boeing Acquisition Over ETS Aviation Fuel-Saver Tools

ETS Aviation, fuel efficiency management and analytics software company is being bought by Boeing. But the deal of this acquisition remain unrevealed.

Senior vice president of commercial aviation services Boeing, states that fuel is worth to 40 percent of airlines operating costs. This acquisition will give significant effect in reducing operational cost as well as reducing emissions to achieve greener environment.

ETS Aviation 

Stan Deal adds that this fuel saver tools enhances airlines for better operating services and environmental efficiency.

ETS Aviation providing services around 120 airlines customers in fuel efficiency management. This make ETS become leader in market. Corporate flight departments able monitor its fuel consumption, tracking and reporting carbon output from the engines. ETS also offers fuel saving opportunity in some way. In total, ETS convert all services up to 900,000 flights per year.

Nowadays, Boeing provides digital solutions in optimizing flight plan and flight operations in order to pulling efficiency and profitability up. This solutions also support for maintenance and crew scheduling to the best format. The ETS Aviation will full on operation under Boeing in July 2014.
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