Boeing 747-8 Cargolux on Approaching Landing

boeing 747-8 cargolux

Boeing 747-8 Cargolux

Boeing 747-8 Cargolux while approaching landing. Cargolux also known as one of the largest scheduled cargo airlines. Headquartered at Findel Airport in Luxembourg. The carrier is also provide charter flights. As well as third party cargo services. Picture shown the jumbo jet while approaching runway. Taken at Ferenc Liszt Airport in Hungary. Thanks to Andras Soos for amazing photo shoot. Take a look to bottom of the aircraft. Landing gears are retracting down off the landing gear bay. Boeing 747-8 records low on sale in the past few years. Although the -8 is the next generation of the jumbo jet family, there are not more than 110 aircraft in the market. The data is commercial and cargo combined. Cargolux has 13 747-8s on its fleet and the carrier is the launch customer for the aircraft. Cargo variant is known as Boeing 747-8F or freighter.
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