Biggest Loss Malaysia Airlines in Two Years

After a dramatic incident on MH370 of Malaysia Airlines, national state-owned airlines is reported the biggest loss in the last two years.

Loss is summarized in first quarter of 2014, the major reason is dropping in passengers traffic. Amid in fear of passengers since unresolved disappearance of Boeing 777-200 of Malaysia Airlines MH370.

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER While Rotating Takeoff

In a official statement of the company, Malaysian Airline System Bhd loss about US$ 138 million. High cost of operation and airline competition are believed suffering Malaysian Airline even more.

Most of Malaysia Airlines passengers are Chinese, in fact China sales is dropping to 60% in March 2014. There are many cancellation of travel since the MH370 incident, they move travel itinerary to other airlines for 'safety' reason.

Spokesman of company says Malaysia Airlines will have deep review and strategy in order to recover from crisis. Dropping engineering unit and buy new aircraft are the strategies they have. Some analysts said that Malaysia Airlines will have difficult era due to missing Malaysia Airlines MH370.
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