Belgium Received Another NH90 TTH Helicopters

15 November 2015. Belgium has received the delivery of NHIndustries NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopter.

This is the third helicopter from total order eight NH90. Four helicopter NH90 TTH are for army transport missions and the other four are for Belgian Navy Missions.
Belgian NHI NH90 Helicopters

Belgian NHI NH90 Helicopters

The fourth NH90 is expected to be delivered in early of 2015.

The ceremony took at Marigane air base, after that all of NH90 took off together and flew to Beauvechain Air Base.

The NHIndustries NH90 TTH claimed is the most advanced helicopter on its class. Primarily the NH90 poses as tactical transport missions everywhere in day and night. The NH90 TTH offers internal and external load transport, Search and Rescue, Evacuation and Training Missions.

The NH90 TTH equipped by full glass cockpit with multifunction displays, high level of system integration built within avionic system, fly-by-wire controls, piloting forward looking infrared system, helmet mounted sight and display and advanced navigation and radar systems. Twin-Turbomeca RTM322 powering over 11 tonnes NH90. NHIndustries are owned by Agustawestland and Airbus Helicopters.
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