American Airlines Logo History and Evolution

2013 american airlines logo graphic

American Airlines Logo

American Airlines logo history and evolution. There are several logo changes during its carrier life between 1934 - 2013. Here are some of those.
1934 american airlines logo graphic

1934 - 1945

1945 american airlines logo

1945 - 1962

1962 american airlines logo

1962 - 1967

1967 american airlines logo

1967 - 2013

2013 american airlines logo

2013 - present

There were 'AA' trade mark on its every logo. The 'AA' logo also represents a wing. This is one of the memorable airlines logo ever created in the world. The longest logo that used was AA logo that created by Italian graphic designer. Colors that coloring logo stand for passion, vitality and energy for the red. Meanwhile blue represents duty, care, trust and excellence of the airline.

American Airlines founded in 1926 and started its operation back in 1936. The airline headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. In terms of number of fleet American Airlines is the world's largest airlines in the world. Thanks to nearly 1,000 fleet by September 2016. They also employ more than 110,000 employers worldwide. American Airlines fly more than 6,700 flights per day to more than 350 destinations to more than 50 countries. They are member of Oneworld airline alliance.
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