Airbus With Hybrid Engine in 20 Years

All of transportation mode tend to be more green in recent years. Automotive industry has implemented this technology on they product, such as hybrid engine.

Airbus is the first aircraft maker which want implementing this technology and go with automotive industry as well. Airbus has developed small engine powered by electric motor and conventional engine for its small aircraft.

At the first, Airbus is working on prototype small two-seater aircraft. Thanks to hybrid engine, two electric motor with output equal to 60 kilowatts. At the moment this aircraft is match for aerobatics and trainer aircraft or any aircraft with short flight mission. Airbus hopes this hybrid engine can be applied to the larger aircraft.

The battery issue remain the problems for Airbus engineer. They working on larger and more endurance battery. General Motors and Airbus join to develop battery technology. General Motors has more than 20 years experience in battery technology.

In the future, 70-90 seats aircraft are able to do takeoff and landing using electric power and may take 20 years to develop. The best selling Airbus A320 also the next target as well, which dominates most aircraft around the world.

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