Airbus Celebrates Airbus A300 First Livery in 1974

Airbus, the aircraft maker celebrates its 40th anniversary of first ever aircraft livery. Forty years ago on May 10 1974, Airbus A300B was the first aircraft to be delivered to customer yet aircraft with the first twin-engine wide-bodyas well.

The B letter on A300B was the revised version of original Airbus A300. At the beginning, Rolls-Royce had to made the power plants for the aircraft, apparently failed, eventually Airbus decided to used American engines powered the aircraft.

Final Livery of Airbus A300 Cargo of FedEx

Final Livery of Airbus A300 Cargo of FedEx

Airbus A300 was designed for short to medium distance flights with 300 passengers on board. For many reasons, the capacity was decreased to 250 passengers only.

Air France was the first customer used Airbus A300B then Lufthansa from Germany. Airbus A300B of Air France was on first operation about 2 weeks after the livery, flew from Paris to London. To win aircraft international markets, Airbus A300 had a tour in America. Korean Airlines was the first foreign airline ordered Airbus A300. After that, more order was coming from South African Airways, Indian Airlines and Air Inter Airlines. At that time, sales of Airbus A300 was not good enough, even Airbus reduced the production in assembly line.

The break point of Airbus A300 happened in 1978. Eastern Airlines ordered 23 of Airbus A300, Eastern Airlines was the American carrier. They picked Airbus than Boeing instead.

Airbus produced another variant from original Airbus A300, A310 was built with less passengers capacity but longer range of distances. Hundreds of Airbus A300 and A310 series was built, the last livery of Airbus A300 was to FedEx in 2007. Nowadays, Airbus A330 and Airbus A350 are the successor of Airbus A300 series.
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