Sukhoi Su-34 at Zhukovsky Military Airfield

sukhoi su-34

Sukhoi Su-34

Sukhoi Su-34 of Russian Air Force while taxiing at Zhukovsky Airfield. One of the best multi-role jet fighter spotted at military airfield during rolling out runway. Su-34 is a derived variant of Sukhoi Su-27. Sukhoi names this as Sukhoi Su-27IB. However, the Su-34 nickname is for differentiation. The jet has outstanding ability on attacking ground objects. Also the jet has special sensors to attack naval objects as well. Su-34 first production was in 2006, till August 2016 there have been about 100 Su-34s built. Sukhoi tags the price only USD 36 million. Quite cheap compare to equal another European or American jet fighter. Beside Russian Air Force, Algerian Air Force is a Su-34's operator. They have placed order for 12 jets and optional order up to 40 jets.
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