New Passengers Record at Denver International Airport

alaska airlines boeing 737-800

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 at Denver Airport

New Passengers Record at Denver International Airport. Denver International Airport (DIA) set a new monthly record for passenger traffic in July 2016. However, the airport also busted through the all-time record set in June.

Airlines at DIA moved 5,474,503 passengers in July. An increase of 9.1 percent in passenger numbers counted in July 2015 and equivalent to the population of Colorado. Meanwhile, according to a monthly update from the airport. Airport an average of 176.596 passengers a day moved in July.

Traffic Log July was 5.1 percent higher than the previous peak of 5,208,947 set in June. Given that July is usually the top month for travel, record the last month has a good chance to keep until next summer.

Among the major US companies, Frontier Airlines reported a 21.5 percent jump in passenger traffic in July compare to previous year.

Delta Air Lines and its subsidiaries recorded an increase of 12.1 percent while United Air Lines and its affiliates moved 8.9 percent more passengers than in the same month last year.

Among international carriers, Lufthansa German Airlines reported an increase of 48.7 percent in July, reflecting the addition of a new nonstop flight from Denver to Munich. States with a market share of 41 percent in July, followed by Southwest at 29 percent and 13 percent at the border. New Passengers Record at Denver International Airport.
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