Mitsubishi X-2 Stealth Jet Fighter on a First Flight

Mitsubishi X-2 While Taxiing

The first flight of Mitsubishi X-2 will be remembered as a milestone in the journey of North Asia for the development of advanced combat jet fighter aircraft.

Although the X-2 experimental never be an operational fighter, it is the most visible part of a huge Japanese industrial effort, fully backed by the government, to develop the technologies needed for advanced fighters such as stealth, thrust vector control, electrical sensors and powerful jet engines.

This probably the most ambitious effort of Japan in Aerospace technology, developing program named F-3.

Mitsubishi X-2 First Flight

Experience suggests that the program will be both challenging and expensive. Japanese last jet fighter, the F-2, was developed with the help of the United States of America. There was a similar aircraft to the Lockheed Martin F-16 - but with 25% more wing area and three times the unit cost. This was closely to licensed assembling project and not a development project. No foreign fighter without advanced yet has a chance against national pride.

But Tokyo is not alone. The surplus in China and South Korea - an emerging power is observed with concern, if not alarm - combat two programs are underway. China currently on developing advanced jet fighter named J-20. In the other hand, South Korea with Indonesia are work together to generate fully non-western jet fighter for the first time.
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