Mitsubishi Joins Wings and Fuselage on MRJ

17 June 2014. Mitsubishi Regional Jet's first prototype has completed join the fuselage section and wings.

The assembly have been done in Komaki South Plant, Nagoya Aerospace System Works, which is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries facility. Coherently, Mitsubishi states its MRJ's project has enter into another progress towards completion.

Mitsubishi Regional Jet First Prototype

In the same time, engine pylon from Spirit AeroSystems has assembled as well. Soon, the Pratt & Whitney PW1200G can be fully installed on the engine mounting. These mean, the first flight ever is more even clear after its engine's installation.

The airworthiness certification and static strength test have been done in a month a go. Catching up the milestone, the final assembly should be done this year and prepare for first flight schedule in second quarter in 2015.

Mitsubishi Regional Jet's project marking Japan's aviation industry power facing worldwide competition. MRJ's project is a global project since the aircraft involving many suppliers and vendors around the world.

Joining Fuselage and Wing in Mitsubishi Regional Jet

Pure power engine from Pratt & Whitney will accompany Mitsubishi Regional Jet, the next-generation aircraft with less fuel consumption, emissions and noise. MRJ offers wonderful cabin interior design and keep about 70 to 90 passengers comfort during flight.

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