Launch Customer of Midsize Jet Embraer Legacy 500

The first fly-by-wire midsize business jet, Embraer Legacy 500 has been delivered to the first customer in Brasil.

The new executive jets from Brazilian aircraft maker equipped by many advanced technology at its class i.e. fly-by-wire system by Parker Aerospace and cockpit by Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion.
Embraer Legacy 500 During Takeoff

Embraer Legacy 500 During Takeoff

Honeywell HTF7500E became the power plant powering thrust and aircraft performance.

The Honeywell claims the engine could fly aircraft for 5,790 km of flight range as well as good fuel efficiency.

Anyone who owns the Embraer Legacy 500 will have flat floor cabin yet spacious. The configuration of seat and layout could be customized.
Embraer Legacy 500 Interior

Embraer Legacy 500 Interior

Apparently, Embraer Legacy 500 enters into operation more than two years late than its original schedule. The fly-by-wire systems is the main reason why the development process took longer time.

Fly-by-wire systems is less-mechanical linkages in aircraft's flight control. Computer and digital signal replace the mechanical things but pilot remain has the same control stick.

Marco Tulio Pellegrini, Embraer Executive Jets president says that our engineers developed a revolutinary product and show our commitment offering solutions in the aircraft industry.

Embraer plans to make assembly line in Melbourne, Florida in USA beside in Brasil. Pumping up the production rate and delivering aircraft to customer and public debut in 2015.
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