Japanese Take Part in Boeing 777X Jetliner Project

Japan Aircraft Industry (JAI) and Japan Aircraft Development Corporation (JADC) will involve  in coming Boeing 777X Jetliner project.

Boeing announces on 12 June after finalizing supply chain for Boeing 777X project which plan to fly on 2020. Boeing 777X Jetliner is the re-winged and re-engined of existing Boeing 777 Series.
Boeing 777X Series Preliminary Exterior Design

Boeing 777X Series Preliminary Exterior Design

Boeing pointed General Electric GE9X turbofan engine as power plant and landing gear systems will made by Canadian Heroux-Devtek. Most Japanese suppliers will deliver an airframe assembly such as, centre wing sections, main landing gear wells, wing body fairing, cargo and landing gear compartments, fuselage, bulkheads and wing components.

Five Japanese major heavy industries ready to support the Boeing 777X program, including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fuji Heavy Industries, ShinMaywa Indutries, NIPPI Corporation and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. In other hand, Japan Aircraft Development Corporation will take a part promoting the competitiveness of Japanese aircraft industry.

The deal also part of Boeing's strategy to win aircraft market in Japan. Currently, main contender of Boeing 777X, Airbus A350 XWB also in developing progress. Some of Japanese carrier tend to buy Airbus A350 XWB instead of Boeing 777X.

Japanese aircraft consortium took huge part in development of Boeing 787 Dreamliner, most advanced and prestigious aircraft ever made since The Dreamliner made by almost 70% composite technology and greener aircraft systems. Boeing said that another Boeing 777X's aircraft systems and cabin interior suppliers will be announced later within a next months. While composite wing will be assembled in Everett Plant in Washington.

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