India Unbanned Airbus A380 Series Flight

The first time ever Airbus A380-800 super jumbo jet flew to India was in 2007 during demonstration flight.

After that, all of airlines that has Airbus A380-800 are being banned by Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation. The main reason is believe to protect state-owned carrier Air India from its competitor.

Singapore Airlines A380-800, Changi - Delhi Route
Singapore Airlines A380-800, Changi - Delhi Route

Apparently, the ban warning was removed in January 2014. Indian Airports Authority also push the government since they have invested a lot of money for runway and facilities in order to support Airbus A380-800 special requirements. They said that, useless investment since not able to use the facilities. New Delhi Airport, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai are among of airports that able to serve Airbus A380-800 bigness matter.

World airlines also push the Indian government to dump the ban. Lufthansa, Emirates and Singapore Airlines operating Airbus A380-800 as their fleet and they want to fly to India.

Singapore Airlines will be the first commercial airlines that fly Airbus A380-800 to India after the ban. Singapore Airlines flight route will be Changi to Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. Singapore Airlines also offer special discount to passengers in using this service in the running months.

Lufthansa announces to fly to India from Germany yet the market research still count on it. In the other side, Emirates Airlines state that they are ready to fly to India in July 2014, serve Dubai - Mumbai route.

Ajit Singh, Indian Aviation Minister stated that the un-ban rule was took after extensive discussion with Airport Authority and Director General of Civil Aviation.
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