German Luftwaffe A400M Atlas Done in Paint Shop

German Luftwaffe are getting closer to get first ever Airbus A400M Atlas, newest air tactical and transport aircraft.

The aircraft-maker released the picture of A400M (codename: MSN18) just exit the paint shop in Seville, Spain.
German Luftwaffe Livery After Paint Shop

German Luftwaffe Livery After Paint Shop

Airbus pursues to deliver the aircraft on-time in November 2014 to the German Air Force. The A400M Atlas equipped by Europrop International TP400-D6 turboprop engines, this engine able to fly the aircraft up to 3,300 km flight range in full payload condition and up to 8,700 km at cruising speed.

Airbus A400M Atlas with its size able to carry maximum payload about 37 tonnes. Troops personnel, military cargo even heavy vehicle crane easily lifted by the Atlas.

Here are some example of payload configuration within fuselage.

Airbus A400M Atlas Cargo Configuration

Airbus A400M Atlas Cargo Configuration

Airbus A400M Atlas is the military transport that has many advanced technology onboard. It can be strategic logistics carrier, air-to-air refueling tanker either in military and civil aviation purpose.

The TP400-D6 engines could boost the aircraft up to 0.72 mach and 40,000 feet altitude if needed.

Airbus A400M Atlas in Original Livery

Airbus claimed that the A400M Atlas gives new standard of aircraft military transport performance. The A400M could fly, speed cruising and maximum payload better than any other military transport aircraft.
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