Embraer To Increase Market Share in Asia

Aviation industry in Asia grew rapidly in last decade. This opportunity looked by aircraft maker to penetrate its market with their products.

Brazilian aircraft maker, Embraer, is now focusing new generation of E-Jet in Asia. The E-Jet is mid-size single aisle that quite popular among airlines around the world. E-Jet poses in 100 seats aircraft configuration especially in domestic and regional flight route.

Lufthansa Regional Embraer E-195
Lufthansa Regional Embraer E-195

To be more specific, Embraer pointing China, Russia and Indonesia as important market for them. There are many domestic routes in three countries, E-Jet would be very good to fulfill its requirements. Currently Embraer has Embraer E-175 and Embraer E-195 Series, Embraer E-175 popular in North America and Embraer E-195 used by Lufthansa Regional CityLine.

Paulo Cesar Silva, executive vice-president of Embraer commercial said that more room for 100-seat jet in Asia and we need to convince that it is not just about Boeing and Airbus that has narrowbodies aircraft.

Embraer is not alone in this competition, there are local aircraft manufacturer, Comac with ARJ21 and Mitsubishi MRJ90 also will fly soon in the next 2 years. So Embraer needs to be more serious to winning the asian airlines. Currently market share Embraer for regional jet aircraft about 10%, now about 2,000 regional jet aircraft flew in Asia's sky. Embraer believes that they able to increase its market share in the next few years with outstanding products and continuous improvement.

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