Boeing F-15 of United States Air Force Crashed in England

9 October 2014. The Boeing F-15D, two-seat variant of United States Air Force (USAF) crashed in Suffolk, England.

Spokesperson of USAF confirmed the news and said that only one pilot on board on Boeing F-15D model trainer. The jet fighter conducted a combat training mission without carried any weapons or ammos.

USAF Boeing F-15D Two-Seat Variant

USAF Boeing F-15D Two-Seat Variant

Fortunately, the pilot able to ejected from cockpit and safe. Now the pilot is on medical investigation at the Royal Air Force Lakenheath Hospital.

Boeing F-15D of USAF Crashed Scene

The Boeing F-15D crashed on open space, near housing area and public school in Lincolnshire. Some witnessess said that they were praying it missed the school and gave no additional victims.

Boeing F-15 Series is a superior next generation jet fighter that has multi-role capability. An advanced avionics and electronic systems promise outstanding performance in air-to-air and air-to-ground combat at all altitudes in all weather conditions. Currently the Strike Eagle become vital fighting tool for United States Air Force.
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