Boeing Adjusts Wingspan Size of Boeing 777X

7 June 2014. The next generation of famous Boeing 777 Series has been developing into new stage. Boeing plans to do first flight ever in 2019.

Boeing confirms that Boeing 777x will have longer wing-fold and inflight wingspan. Most of wingspan is made by composite technology, Boeing said that they will increase the span by one percent longer to 71.8 meters.

Boeing 777x Scale Model

Boeing 777x Scale Model

Folded wingspan wil have about 64.8 meters and they added that fold-mechanism in hinge systems moved about 300 mm. Boeing states that folded-wingspan decision influenced by airport gates size standard since Boeing 777x Series will have longest wingspan size. Comparing to Airbus A380-800's wingspan, the wingspan has 3 meters narrower.

Boeing keeps to make all of aircraft systems are simple yet useful. So, they only equipped wiring systems to supply power to the end-lights of winglet through the hinge systems. Control surfaces are made with simple things too, so there are no significant electrical systems nor hydraulics systems passing the hinge systems in winglet.

Boeing will poses in widebody aircraft market with multiple aisle and many seat configuration. The decision is clear as new wingspan size design has passed wind tunnel test. Boeing 777 Series, the predecessor of new Boeing 777x has mark as one of the best selling passenger and cargo aircraft. Thousands of aircraft has been serving airlines around the world in decades services since launched.

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