Bird Eye View Boeing E-3A Sentry of USAF

bird eye view boeing e-3a sentry

Bird Eye View Boeing E-3A Sentry

Bird Eye View Boeing E-3A Sentry of United States Air Force. The aircraft captured at Boeing Field King Country International in Seattle. Thanks to Colin Moeser who took the bird eye photograph beautifully. Picture shown while aircraft grounding for certain checking lists. This an AWACS aircraft or also known as airborne early warning and control aircraft (AEW&C). The Sentry has same platform with Boeing 707 series. It is built to be all weather, command, control, surveillance and communications aircraft. Beside USAF, there are NATO, Royal Air Force, French Air Force and Royal Saudi Air Force that using same AWACS aircraft. USAF using the E-3A variant rather the original E-3. Because the -A variant has TF33 engines and AN/APY-1 radar configurations. Later on these variant changed to E-3B and E-3C Sentry. The CFM56 engines installed on another variant of the Sentry.
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