Airbus A400M Atlas Military Completes Dropping Test

Airbus successfully conducted one of vital capability of new variant Airbus A400M Atlas Military Transport Aircraft, the maximum capacity airdrop test.

The test have been done at Cazaux, France, the A400M Atlas dropped about 24 container, in 1 tonne container each. All dropping mission completed in one attempt pass.
Airbus A400M Atlas Touching Down Runway

Airbus A400M Atlas Touching Down Runway

Airbus Defence & Space, stated that the container suddenly released by gravity that loaded in a two rows configuration.

This test shows that the A400M Atlas worthy to be called military air transport. The aircraft has 32 tonne maximum capacity of logistics.

According to the aircraft classification, the five prototype aircraft called the 'Grizzly' while the production aircraft called by 'Atlas' or A400M-180 Atlas. There were no different of those aircraft, only the name.

The French Air Force has received fifth A400M Atlas in early of September 2014 and many countries on waiting list.

Germany and UK are the next countries to be received the aircraft, and been scheduled to deliver before 2014 ends. Airbus sees Belgium, Malaysia, Spain and Luxembourg as prospect countries to operate one of the largest military transport.
Airbus A400M While Dropping Test

Airbus A400M While Dropping Test, photo by DGA

Airbus A400M Atlas oftentimes compare to Lockheed C-130 Hercules as outstanding air logistics. The C-130 has been developed in 1960's while the A400M is a pretty new aircraft with latest and advanced technology. The A400M Atlas powered by Europrop International TP400-D6 Engines.
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