Air France Wants Real Solution For Pilots

Air France wants to reach significant agreement with their pilots association regarding the issues.

The more new agreement solved the more company able to focus into business again.
Airbus A319 of Air France While Taxiing

Airbus A319 of Air France While Taxiing

The low-cost carrier brand of Air France, Transavia to launch new destinations in next April 2015 and they expected to put ticket on sales in this quarter before year ends.

Transavia management need to make company strategy in recruiting new pilots and add more aircraft in the fleet. So, the carrier ready to face competition earlier.

Antoine Pussiau, the CEO of Transavia, said that Transavia have shown commitment to our customers and company, Transavia will grow as we offer more destinations across Europe answering market's demand.

Currently, Transavia has about three million passengers per year and has about 70 destinations from France.
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