Non-OEM Upgrade Program of Korea's F-16 by BAE Systems

Republic of Korea wants to upgrade its fighter fleet, Republic of Korea Air Force have about 134 Lockheed Martin F-16 C and D type.

Apparently, the upgrade will not involve Lockheed as the manufacturer, they choose BAE Systems for upgrade program. This will be the first non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) project ever.

Republic of Korea Air Force With Lockheed Martin F-16

Republic of Korea Air Force With Lockheed Martin F-16 While Lining Up

Currently, two of F-16 arrived at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas, The largest BAE Systems facility in US. BAE's spokesperson said that the upgrade program will cover avionics improvement, new mission computers, new cockpit displays, new weapons and the RACR (Raytheon Advanced Combat Radar).

BAE Systems adds that they focusing foreign military sales program, particularly from Republic of Korea. They also work for KF-16 C and D type aircraft in couple years. For this project, BAE plans to receive up to six aircraft per month and by 2017 all aircraft will be ready for operational.

BAE Systems Facility at Fort Worth

In other hand, BAE Systems hires more employee to handle its project. BAE states that in Florida, California, New York and Virginia facilities have hired about 150 new employees. BAE also offer the upgrade program to another countries around the world, especially Lockheed Martin F-16 series' upgrade program.

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