Jet Airways to Join Skyteam Airline Alliance

jet airways boeing 777-300er

Jet Airways to Join Skyteam

Jet Airways to Join Skyteam. India is the next target of the Skyteam airline alliance agreement with the CEO of Skyteam Airline Alliance Management, Perry Cantarutti. Speaking at the travel fair in Berlin, ITB, Mr Cantarutti said he believed the 20 airlines in Sk equipment are "a very strong network that really covers all key business flows around the world," although he added that Skyteam " it is not out of recruitment. "

Mr Cantarutti said: "In my opinion, no alliance happens unless there are good bilateral trade relations that demonstrate the value of being a partner, [so] we are very pleased to see the bilateral cooperation between Jet Airways and Delta, Air France and KLM ".

"Jet also works with five other members of Skyteam, a new Korea, for example." "The first days of the alliance were about recruiting and building geographical area, and has made great extent. But you can not deny that India is a gap in our network. We would love to talk to Jet about become a member of Skyteam. And they know it. "
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