F-16 Jet Aircraft of US Air Force Crashed in Afghanistan

F-16 Jet Aircraft

F-16 Jet Aircraft of US Air Force

A jet fighter of the US Air Force, Lockheed Martin F-16 crashed during takeoff near the Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, the pilot was able to eject safely from the aircraft, the Pentagon spokesman said.

The accident occurred around 20:30 local time on Tuesday, the spokesman, Peter Cook said. The aircraft was assigned to the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing Squadron of US Air Force.

He says the pilot ejected successfully and is being evaluated by medical personnel. Cook says the plane crashed during takeoff at the base outside Kabul on Tuesday.

The crash site was secured and the cause of the accident will be investigated, Cook said.

The 455 Air Expeditionary Wing (455 AEW) is a provisional unit of the US Air Force AFCENT located at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. It is one of two news in Afghanistan. Most of the staff of the wings are located in the village of Air Force known as Campo Cunningham.

The main mission of the band is to support the war against global terrorism by providing air support to US forces and coalition on the ground. Activated in 2001, it has 455 members deployed throughout the country supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.
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