Lockheed Martin U-2 The Dragon Lady In Flight

Lockheed Martin U-2

Lockheed Martin U-2 the Dragon Lady. or also known as Dragon Lady, the cold war spy aircraft era that still on operation by United States Air Force. The Lockheed Martin creates the ultra-high altitude reconnaissance aircraft back in 1955, then introduced in 1957. Although it is only powered by single-engine, this thing can fly high at 21,000 meters of altitude or about 70,000 feet up there.

According to US Defense ministry, the U-2 Dragon Lady conducted flown mission over Soviet Union air space during cold war, as well as China, Cuba and Vietnam territory. At that time, the aircraft operated by CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). The modernization variant the U-2s has successfully applied to the aircraft in 2012. Then involved in US military activities in Iraq and Afghanistan war, some time NATO also have used the Dragon Lady to do some spying flight mission.
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