Etihad Cargo Receives New Boeing 777F Freighter

Etihad Cargo Receives New Boeing 777F

Etihad Cargo Receives New Boeing 777F Freighter

Etihad Cargo Receives New Boeing 777F. The carrier has complied with its expansion plans to take delivery of a new 777F, the freighter 11 in its fleet. The aircraft will enter service today, per March 2016.

Last year at the Dubai Air Show, the carrier announced that it would take delivery of two aircraft additional load this year. The two are part of the $ 67 trillion US fleet order that was placed in 2013 for 199 aircraft.

These two new freighters are valued at US $ 637 million at list prices. The second freighter is due to arrive in Abu Dhabi sometime this month.Both new aircraft will be equipped with nine seats that allow Etihad designed to transport additional boyfriends as part of its program of Sky stables, which supports high value equine movement.

They will be the first aircraft of the Etihad cargo fleet to be equipped in this way. Heaven Stables is supervised by managers, with the support of management teams, both in the air and on the ground, with time being taken to destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Latin horses.

"The additional freighter gives us the opportunity to expand our specialized freight services and grow our market share," said Kevin Knight, Director of Strategy and Planning Etihad. "In the past year, we have been expanding in South America, Africa and Asia and new aircraft will increase capacity and allow us to increase the frequency through our scheduled network, but important also increase our opportunities for rental growth areas of the world."

During 2015, Etihad Cargo improved its global reach, offering bellyhold capacity in six new passenger destinations Etihad Airways to several cities, including Edinburgh, Madrid and Calcutta.

The airline already operates regular cargo services only freighter destinations including Hahn, San Juan, Bogotá, Guangzhou, Dakar, Douala, Eldoret, Hanoi, Houston, Nouakchott, Sharjah and Tbilisi.

In its current fleet, Etihad Cargo currently operates three 777Fs three 747 and four A330. The cargo division of the national airline of the UAE currently serves 14 destinations around the world freighter only from the center of Abu Dhabi and cargo capacity in the fleet of more than 100 passengers Etihad Airways.

The cargo division of Etihad generates more than US $ 1 billion in annual revenue and reported strong cargo volumes by 2015, with 592.090 tons of cargo and mail flown in total, an increase of 4 percent over figures 2014. The cargo division also accounted for 88 percent of cargo imports, exports and transfers at Abu Dhabi international airport.
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