Another Boeing KC-46A Took First Flight at Boeing's Facility

Another Boeing KC-46A Took First Flight

Another Boeing KC-46A Took First Flight

Another Boeing KC-46A Took First Flight. Boeing KC-46A second functional has joined the fleet of Pegasus emerging as tanker program new generation of US Air Force is moving towards a production decision by the Pentagon in April or May.

The fourth (EMD) aircraft engineering and manufacturing development took off from Paine Field of Boeing in Washington state on March 2 and got some time later at Boeing Field in Seattle.

The company announced a joint communique flight today, and confirmed that the second plane 767-2C (EMD-3) is used for the FAA and military type certification will join the program in April tanker aircraft.

"Adding a second tanker for the flight test program is very important as we move into the next phase of testing," says US Air Force KC-46 system administrator Col John Newberry program. "The team initially will use the aircraft to test the avionics mission system and outdoor lighting. Later, the effort will be shared refueling in flight with the first KC-46".

The addition of the second tank fully configured help Boeing movement through the "receptor certification" for 18 types of aircraft. KC-46 has already proven functionality with the Lockheed Martin F-16, Boeing F / A-18 and refueling of a Boeing KC-10.

Boeing says its first 767-2C (EMD-1), which first flew in December 2014 has completed more than 260 hours of flight testing. "EMD-2, first KC-46A tanker program, made its first flight on September 25, 2015 and now has completed more than 180 hours of test flight," says Boeing.
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