Gogo Sued by American Airlines due to Slow WiFi Connection

american airlines boeing 767-300er

Almost 10 years ago, WiFi installed on commercial aircraft, that was slow and inconvenience. Time goes by, at the moment passengers obsessed data are sick of slow WiFi-enabled Gogo are in most domestic flights.

On Friday American Airlines filed a lawsuit in a Texas court asking a judge to allow the company to break his contract with the provider Gogo WiFi onboard. In essence, the contract between the two companies has a clause that would allow American Airlines to change providers if you can find another product that "materially improved" in the current offer of Gogo.

The Star-Telegram has details of the application, saying: "After careful evaluation of new technologies and services in the market, American has decided to exercise its rights under the agreement and ViaSat recently reported that Gogo provides connectivity system in flight materially improved system Gogo-air-ground ".

ViaSat is a competitor service used by United, JetBlue and Virgin America, and offers Wi-Fi satellite-based experience is "8-10 times faster" than any existing solution on board WiFi. By way of comparison, the current offer Gogo in American Airlines is a land-based system that provides a capacity of total bandwidth of less than 10 Mbps for whole aircraft.

While Gogo has developed a satellite-based offering up to 70Mbps per plane, new technology so called 2KU, to be deployed to any American aircraft still solution. Now either a judge will decide on the application, or the two companies reach an agreement out of court. But one thing is certain - if you are an American traveler faster, in flight Wi-Fi is in your future. Currently American Airlines provides WiFi connection in most flights with some charge.
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