Donald Trump Boeing 757-200 Approaching at Aberdeen Airport

Donald Trump Boeing 757-200

Donald Trump's private jet Boeing 757-200 while approaching to landing at Aberdeen Airport. This photo taken by David Channon, behind blue and clear sky scene. There are some facts about this aircraft though, such as, Mr Trump is not the first owner of the Boeing 757. It delivered to Sterling Airlines in 1991, afte that brought by TAESA of Mexico, the third owner was Paul Allen, Microsoft founder. FInally in 2011, Mr Trump brought it and changed its livery, his former jet was Boeing 727.

Beside changed its livery, the aircraft also experiencing some upgrades. The jet has modernized cockpit and avionics, seating configuration changed to 43 business seats only. The business jet also equipped with custom bed, custom shower, meeting room, even all metal things covered by 24-karat gold.
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